Dàmá Llama Zinc Alloy 4-piece Grinder (Large, Dark Grey)


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  • Large (Diameter: 2.2 inch Height: 1.8 inch) Color: Dark Grey
  • FINEST GRIND WITH Dàmá Llama Zinc Alloy 4-piece Grinder  : Our Razor Sharp Shredding Diamond teeth line the inside of the grinding chamber and cut through your herb like a warm knife through butter. Fluffing and shredding even the densest herbs, increasing the surface area, meaning you’ll get more out of your herb than ever before.
  • STRONG, SUPERIOR MATERIALS: Crafted from the High Quality Zinc Alloy, our scratch-resistant grinders are designed to last, and the nonstick technology built right in prevents residue build up. The screen separating your herb chamber from the pollen chamber is also made from strong, long lasting materials, making Dàmá Llama Zinc Alloy 4-piece Grinder an investment that will be with you for many years to come.
  • MAGNETS AND POLLEN SCRAPERS: Powerful magnets hold the grinder together while spinning your herb down to it’s fluffiest, finest form. The high quality scraper not only works for the pollen chamber on the bottom, but works to scoop all your herbs into your bowl or paper easily.
  • DISCREET WORRY-FREE BUYING: Shipped in plain cardboard boxes with our 1 Year Warranty, we know you’ll be completely satisfied with our product, and our #1 Customer Service team will make sure of it. Give yourself or someone you know the Gift of Dàmá Llama Zinc Alloy 4-piece Grinder today!


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