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Our all natural organic Hemp protein powder is a nutrient-rich source of plant protein. It is easy to digest and allergen-free (so no gluten, lactose or soy). Produced without heat or chemicals, our protein provides a non-GMO vegetarian and vegan source of high quality wholesome protein.

Raw, natural, whole food made with only one ingredient – organic hemp!
Tastes great!
Easy to mix & blend.
100% plant based protein – Great for vegan/vegetarian diets.
Dama Llama Protein Powder is an incredibly powerful well rounded nutritional food. It contains protein, fiber, omegas and all the essential amino acids. Just take a look at the label!

Hemp protein powder can be added to power drinks and smoothies, sprinkled over yogurt, breakfast cereal or used in bread and other recipes for a super protein boost. For vegans and vegetarians, getting protein into your diet can be a challenge, but with hemp protein powder you can get all the protein you need in a concentrated form.

Hemp Protein is an excellent source of:
Complete protein
Essential fatty acids (Omega 3)

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Hemp protein – the perfect dietary supplement
Dama Llama Hemp Protein powder is the perfect dietary supplement for those looking for high-performance protein in their diet. Produced from high quality industrial hemp hybrids which produce the best quality dietary protein. All our protein powder is organically produced and a wholesome protein extract. This means you benefit from the many essential nutrients that Hemp contains.

Our organic hemp protein is particularly suitable for those in fitness training, those recovering from illnesses where body mass has been lost (such as after cancer) and for anyone who needs a protein supplement which contains only natural ingredients. Our protein powder has zero cholesterol too so ideal for those on a low cholesterol diet. With zero cholesterol,Whether you are trying to get in shape or simply need a high quality protein supplement, Dama Llama is the ideal choice.

Choose Dama Llama for the best quality, naturally produced organic protein powder suitable for those of any age who want to achieve better health and better nutrition. Your body will thank you for it!

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